About Inside-Out Laser Clinics

Here at Inside-Out Laser Clinics, we want you to feel Good on the Inside-Out, which is why, it’s our mission to provide the highest quality clinical services and advanced skincare to all our clients. 

With specialist in depth training and more than 16 years’ experience in the Laser, Aesthetic and Advanced Skincare Industry, our Clinic Director Zoe Darkins and her team of  professional practitioners are perfectly equipped to deliver whatever treatment's you need. 

 We are always courteous, friendly, approachable  and professional, ensuring we provide a delightful and satisfying experience for clients to achieve their optimum results and regain their confidence, and finally  to feel GOOD on the 'INSIDE-OUT'.

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Health and Safety

We take the safety of our clients and practitioners very seriously and carry out all procedures and consultations under strict protocols. 

As well as checking your medical history at teach treatment , we ask that you keep us up to date with any developments, should any occur. We will adhere to all the Government Guidelines that have been set out to help stop the spread of COVID19. We use disposable equipment where possible and have strict cleaning policies to adhere too. We have implemented all necessary procedures set out in our COVID19 risk assessment to assure our clients and staff of safety at all times.

If your laser treatment applies to your face or neck, black-out goggles must be worn at all times, and suitable eyewear is provided for both you and your practitioner. At present with the Guidelines we are unable to treat the facial area.

All practitioners wear personal protective equipment, including gloves, masks, and aprons, throughout  the duration of your treatment. 

We have added visors for treating and front of house team members also during the pandemic.

 May we ask that for the foreseeable future, our clients attend there appointment wearing suitable face coverings.


Our laser clinic operates under the strictest confidentiality rules. 

We assure you that any photographs taken for clinical purposes will not be shared or shown to anyone else or used for marketing publications without prior permission. 

To assure the best service, we uphold your privacy at all times.

Contact us to receive more information about treatments and Products at our Laser, Aesthetic and advanced Skincare Clinic in Mountsorell , Loughborough , Leicestershire.