Tattoo Removal in Leicestershire

Life is full of regrets and that is why tattoo removal is readily available today. At Inside-Out Laser Clinics in Leicestershire, we gently guide you through the process of tattoo removal. Whether it’s the name of an ex, a design that didn’t go to plan, or you’re simply fading your unwanted tattoo for a cover-up, our experienced practitioners on hand to help you out with expert advice and a range of payment options.

Sun Tattoo

How We Work

When you choose our tattoo removal service, our experienced practitioner offers you an initial consultation, free of charge, to explain the process and establish your needs. Within this consultation, we’ll determine if your tattoo is suitable for removal and estimate how many treatments will be required, as well as checking your full medical history.

Once we have established suitability and your questions and concerns have been fully answered, we will perform an initial test patch (a small area of your tattoo) which is chargeable at £45, we can then discuss your payment options depending on the size of your tattoo and estimate the amount of treatments that may be necessary (average tratments range between 4 and 20 sessions).

Following the initial test patch, it is important to keep the area hydrated using creams advised by your practitioner. Treatments commence a minimum of 2 weeks after the initial test and subsequent treatments will be spaced at a minimum of 6 weekly intervals. However, it is recommended to allow up to 12 weeks between laser sessions to allow time for natural fading.

Laser Tattoo removal graph on shirtless man

Laser Treatments

Laser tattoo removal is a process of directing laser light energy into the skin’s dermis, where it is selectively absorbed by the ink particles in your tattoo. The laser serves to split the ink into even smaller particles, which your body’s immune system disperses naturally from the area over the following weeks.

This process will take multiple treatments to complete – it usually takes between 4 and 20 sessions to fully fade your tattoo, certain tattoos tend to fade faster than others. Black ink is the easiest colour to treat, some lighter colours may not respond to laser treatments if they do not absorb light. Residue of certain colours, including purple, green, and orange, may still be seen.

Other factors also influence the treatment, such as your health, metabolic rate, sleeping patterns, hydration levels, and how often you exercise. Our experienced practitioner is on hand to advise you about how to control those factors accordingly.

Scull Tattoo

Before, During, and After Treatment

It is important that the treatment site is clean and totally product free before each treatment, cleansing of the area with water and a gentle colourless cleanser is recommended to remove any surface debris or product.

Your practitioner will discuss sun exposure protocols with you before you commence your sessions, but it is advisable to keep the area out of the sun for the duration of your treatments. Daily use of SPF30/SPF50  is necessary throughout your treatment course, the use of sunbeds and fake tan within the treatment site is highly discouraged.

Post-treatment, the area may look a little raised, with some localised redness, pinpoint bleeding, occasional bruising, slight crusting and even the occasional blistering. Aching and heaviness are common side effects. The process may be uncomfortable, but we strive to ease any negative sensations with the use of cool air during the treatment. Full aftercare advice is available from your practitioner, who offers useful tips and products that will aid the recovery process.

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