Male , Transgender and Gender Fluid Clients

Everyone is offered a warm welcome at Inside-Out Laser Clinics regardless of gender , race or religion.


Zoe Darkins our Clinic Director and her experienced team, have extensive knowledge of treating Male, Transgender and Female clients for all procedures.

What ever treatment you require we will treat you with care , compassion , professionalism and confidentiality, and help to address and overcome what ever your concern or problem may be.

Treatments Available

We offer a full range of treatments for both Male, Gender fluid and Transgender clients here at Inside-Out Laser Clinics.

Whether you are suffering from problematic hair issues , starting your transgender journey , need a tattoo fading or removing , have facial thread veins , Rosacea , pigmentation concerns , fine lines and wrinkles or just need expert skin care advise , our experienced practitioners are on hand .

We are here to help you through your journey.

Start your journey with Inside-Out Laser Clinics

Male and Transgender Hair Removal

Hair Removal

Whether you have problematic hair on the face or body , have  irritated skin following shaving or are starting your Transgender journey , we are here to help , support and guide you through the hair removal process and journey.

Prior to your treatment you will have a consultation to determine your concerns, We will advise you of the full process involved , check suitability for treatment, and fully answer your questions , so you can make an informed decision to proceed.

Call the clinic on 0116 484 9747  and start your journey today.

Male and Transgender Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Removal

It may be that you need your tattoo fading for a cover , or you would like to achieve a more permanent removal.

At Inside-Out Laser Clinics we are on hand to guide you through the removal process.

Using the Lynton Lumina Q switched Tattoo removal Laser , we can help you achieve your desired results.

What ever your concerns, we are here to help , support and guide you through your tattoo removal journey.