Laser Hair Removal Treatments in Leicestershire

Whether you suffer from a hormonal condition such as PCOS, Pilonidal sinuses , have stubborn or painful ingrowing hairs or you are just fed up of the time consuming hair removal methods, then  Inside-Out laser clinics are here to help you. At Inside-Out Laser Clinics in Loughborough Leicestershire, we provide laser hair removal services for all suitable clients. Over the course of your treatment, our process targets the melanin in your hair and directs laser light to disrupt regular growth. Once absorbed, this treatment prevents regrowth from occurring in the treated area.


Prior to your first session, we perform a test patch to test your suitability. If this is successful, treatment usually commences within a week. Treatments are carried out every four to six weeks, depending on the area being treated.

The process works during the anagen stage, when new hair is growing,  the area being treated must be clean shaven prior to the commencement of treatment. We recommend shaving 24 hours prior to your treatment session. You must  not wax, pluck, epilate, or thread the area during the course, as these all disrupt the treatment and its effectiveness. The area must also be free of all products, including make-up, deodorant, and perfume.

Is It Right for You?

Laser/IPL  hair removal is available for clients who are fed up with the task of removing there unwanted hair , especially for clients who suffer with hormonal imbalances such as PCOS.  To achieve the optimum results the hair has to be dark brown or black  and ideally  be thick and coarse enough to absorb the laser light during the treatment. Laser/IPL removal will not work on fine or light-coloured hair ,this including shades of blonde, red, and white due to there being no melanin which is needed for light absorption . Your Practitioner will discuss all of your requirements during your consultation and will check your suitability, along with answering any questions you may have. Laser/IPL treatment is unsuitable for anyone who is pregnant, breast feeding, suntanned including fake tan and sunbeds and clients taking photosensitivity medications. With extensive knowledge in this field our practitioners can help clients who are embarking on there transgender journey.

With extensive experience in this field  our practitioners can help those clients on there transgender journey. 

Contact us to receive more information about  Laser/IPL hair removal and book a consultation in Leicestershire.